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Arise Sole Proprietor 2021 - Arise Work From Home

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Arise Sole Proprietor

Arise  Sole Proprietor - So you think you have what it takes to be a sole proprietor for Arise?

The Sole Proprietor is the most straightforward business structure under which one can work a business. The sole ownership is certifiably not a legitimate element. It just alludes to an individual who claims the business and is by and by liable for its debts. A sole proprietor can work under the name of its proprietor or it can work together under an invented name, for example, Jazmine's Nail Salon. The imaginary name doesn't legally separate the "business" from the sole owner proprietor.

Arise Sole Proprietor Salary

Many choose the sole proprietorship route through Arise so they don't have to pay any Arise IBO fees or because they think they will make more money working for themselves. But does being an Arise Sole Proprietor really change your salary? That would depend on the Arise IBO you choose. Does your Arise IBO pay exactly what the client pays? Does your Arise IBO offer incentives and bonuses? How much is your Arise IBO's fee?

As an sole proprietor with Arise, you are still responsible for the Arise Platform fee of $19.75. You will solely be responsible for certification fees. Did you know that some Arise IBOs provide vouchers for free certification or discounted certification?

Your small business in the form of a sole proprietorship is personally liable for all debts and actions of the company. Unlike an Arise IBO, your business doesn't exist as a separate legal entity. All your personal wealth and assets are linked to the business. You will want to make sure you have proper insurance in place to ensure you are covered as a sole proprietor for the following things:

  • Expenses incurred by your business

  • Civil damages if you provide inappropriate or insufficient service

There’s no single, right answer that applies to all circumstances and individuals.

Do you want to join a team that celebrates your wins? Do you want to join a team that has your best interest at heart? Then join our team today!


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