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Arise Work From Home - New Portal and Registration Experience

The Arise Virtual Solutions Portal page has gotten a makeover and a new design!

What's New

  1. Mobile-Friendly. The simplified, mobile-friendly registration and portal experience allows agents to register and begin servicing more quickly, with less hassle.

  2. Filters. You can now filter client opportunities based on your preferences. You can filter by the type of opportunity (phone, email, chat), servicing times, course cost, language, and equipment needed. This makes it easier to find the client that best suits your needs.

  3. Preferences. You can now set your preferences so Arise will tailor what show opportunities based on your needs as soon as you log in. Those preferences include: (1) How long do you expect to be an agent?, When would you like to work? etc.

  4. Deadlines. The deadline to enroll in a particular client opportunity has been added right to the home page. Classes are still first-come, first-serve but now you will know when the opportunity will close if the class isn't full.

  5. PrerequisiteWhile the opportunity itself has not changed, you now can easily find it among the opportunity details. the class so there is no surprise. If an opportunity has an additional identity verification or additional assessment, now you will know before you even express interest.

  6. Watch Video. Each opportunity now has a "watch video" button. This gives you the opportunity to see other people who are servicing this same client program, get a breakdown of some key features of the program, and more!

  7. View Flyer. While the opportunity itself has not changed, you now can easily find in among the opportunity details.

  8. Start Earning. In the opportunity details, you can now easily see how long after beginning certification you will begin earning revenue.

As a service partner who has been with Arise for years, these updates were well overdue and are extremely appreciated. If you are ready to join our team, go ahead and apply today!

Perks Of Join Ford & Associates Client Services

- Team Atmosphere

- 24/7 Support

- Sign Up Incentives

- Certification Completion Incentives

- Performance Incentives

- Referral Incentives

- Birthday Incentives

- Team Contests/Giveaways

- Advancement Opportunities



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