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Best Upwork Alternative For US Customer Service Freelancers

Upwork might be the largest freelancing platform around, however, for some US freelancers, it's not the best. It tends to be hard to try and get approved, and once you're in, the competition both in the US and Internationally is savage. It's likewise not generally the most expert place of work. It is stacked with ventures that proposal excessively minimal expenditure from customers that are under dependable.

In this way, while Upwork fills its need in the realm of outsourcing, it's not your only choice. There are a lot of extraordinary websites like Upwork out there. A considerable amount of these sites offer lower expenses, are much easier to get started with and have partnerships with well known companies.

In this article about the best Upwork alternative for US customer service freelancers, we will compare and contrast Ford & Associates Client Services and Upwork. In addition, explain to you why Ford & Associates Client Services is the best alternative.

What types of freelancer work does Ford & Associates Client Services offer?

Ford & Associates Client Services primarily offers customer service, technical support and sales work for US freelancers.

Is there a vetting process for freelancers? What sort of application process do professionals have to go through to join?

Freelancers do have to submit a simple application. Some freelancers will be automatically invited to join and others will have go through an interview to go over some basic things.

Once you’ve joined Ford & Associates Client Services, how do you connect with clients?

Once you have successfully joined Ford & Associates Client Services, you will be granted access to the client opportunity board. On the opportunity board, you will find clients that have upcoming certification training classes. You'll see information on what the opportunity entails, the available hours, the equipment you need, what the calls are like and more. Unlike Upwork, you won't have to "apply" to the client but complete enrollment steps for that class such as a technical/pc check, identity verification, and program assessment. Once you have completed the certification training class, you have the position.

Can you work more than one client?

Similar to Upwork, you can provide services to how many clients you want. However, with Ford & Associates Client Services, you will want to keep you mind the minimum servicing requirement* to maintain your contract. *The minimum servicing requirement is typically 15 hours a week.

What payment options are available?

Similar to Upwork, Ford & Associates Client Services offers Direct Deposit/ACH. They also offer manual check.

How much do you have to pay to work with Ford & Associates Client Services?

Upwork charges a sliding fee on your lifetime earnings with a client. With Ford & Associates Client Services, we believe you should be able to keep more money in your pockets/bank so we charge a flat fee.

Upwork Example: On a project with a new client, a freelancer’s service fee would be 20% on the first $500 and 10% on the remaining $100. If you earned $600 for that billing cycle, your earnings after fees would be $490.

Ford & Associates Client Services Example: On a program with a new client, a freelancer's service fee for the billing cycle would be $34.75. If you earned $600 for that billing cycle, your earnings after fees would be $565.25.

Upwork does give you an opportunity to have your fee reduced to 5% after you reached lifetime earning of $10,000 with a client. Ford & Associates Client Services also gives you an opportunity to have your fee reduced to $17.38 based on performance.

What kind of customer support options are available in case of issues?

Ford & Associates Client Services' freelancers have access to our team for customer support via email, Facebook and our Slack community whenever they have a questions or issue, including weekends. We also provide a agent resource portal for our freelancers to find information as well.


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